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Many thanks to Emil and Elijas Gogu, without them this project would never have come about!

Also a big thank you to Holle Nann from the Städtische Galerie Ostfildern for her support.




Art brings people together, creates experiences, trains of thought and touches. It shows ways out of ingrained patterns of behavior and has a lively effect on social structures. You learn to perceive things and places you think you know in a new way.

Without the unselfish commitment of all those involved, this project could not have taken place. Due to the rather low financial support from the public sector and the art scene, which was already hard hit by the Corona crisis, we have now decided to set up a donation pot for those involved.

With your donation, you can help to ensure that art remains socially relevant locally and for the locality!

If you also want to support the art and the creative minds behind it, we would be very pleased.

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